Apple will add new Emojis of Women and the Rainbow Flag in iOS 10 -


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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Apple will add new Emojis of Women and the Rainbow Flag in iOS 10

As we told in CP on occasion, iOS 10 will be accompanied by more than 70 new emoji . But these must be added a few more, and that as has been told, Apple will add new Emoji women and rainbow flag in iOS 10.

The US company has recently announced that the next update of IOS 10 will include new characters representing professional women's sports. In addition, a new flag, rainbow, which in truth was something strange that was not already available on iOS will also be added.

Apple seeks greater equality in iOS Emoji 10

Among the new Emoji women you can find on iOS 10 you have a setter of weight, a mountain biker, another woman surfing, playing basketball ... In addition, like the other characters, these will also be available in different shades of skin.

Update Apple also added new emoticons family, including a single mother and a father with his children only. This announcement comes just one week after Google announced dozens of new emoji for future version of Android, among which there will be 33 female versions of existing emoji, as well as 11 new characters of women in different professions.

Apple, meanwhile, has also submitted five additional professional emoji that can be both men and women: an artist, an astronaut, a judge, a pilot and a firefighter. On the other hand, they will also include the rainbow flag and have redesigned existing ones, such as the water gun.

Finally, from Mashable they comment that reports say that Apple is strongly opposed to include new emoji representing weapons included in Unicode 9.0 update. Anyway, it is becoming less and to enjoy iOS 10 of all your news and of course, new emoji who will accompany him.

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