Apple's patent on the AR navigation system from the acquisition Flyby Media -


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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Apple's patent on the AR navigation system from the acquisition Flyby Media

Previously, Apple Has acquired Flyby Media as Startup, the app developer applications, social networking technology combined with virtualization AR into the last has revealed Apple's patent on a navigation system with AR expecting Apple to integrate this technology. the Flyby Media will deploy in your Product in Apple's future.

This patent was disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark Office has details on Visual-based inertial navigation (the navigation system from the start with virtualization).

Visual-based inertial navigation

The working principle of this device will get a rough picture of the data collected through the speedometer. (Accelerometer) and angle (gyroscope) Sensors and other system then analyzes the image data acquired by the speed and angle. Keeping in mind the location of objects and images Real-time without relying on GPS.

But this technology may not function fully. Because it takes time and resources to process and make it more appropriate to have the technology and resources they need to qualify high.

Sliding window inverse filter (SWF).

Apple is trying to resolve the above problems by using technology Sliding window inverse filter (SWF) is a system designed to be processed - send as soon as possible. The processed image data from the camera and then processed by the then displayed immediately in the second.

Preview SWF in actual use. It is used to identify the location Estimates put the label directions show route on the map Digital (Digital Map) or to identify the position of an object in the store via the AR function is similar. The video clips below

Simply put, if a customer comes into the Apple Retail Store and want to find where. It can be viewed through 3D maps on the mobile screen at all. The system displays the route and position to reach the product through AR includes a Real-time customers can navigate back to the beginning if the path or in a more complex example.

AR technology could be the key to Apple's future.

All of this is still unclear whether Apple will use in your Product SWF itself or not. But from interviews with Tim Cook said that Apple was working on AR hard to want to focus on virtualization as a key technology for the future. Therefore, it is a good sign that Apple is embarking on virtualization and AR technology more than ever.

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