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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Behold, the Worst accessory for your Apple Watch Never Created

The traditional watches industry have been working hard to find ways to compete against the smartwatch, particularly with the Apple Watch. The market for smart watches is increasing gradually and the companies responsible for making traditional clocks are seeing their futures in jeopardy.

And as they say in these cases, if you can not beat the enemy join him. While acknowledging that it is an idea that does not end CP convince us.

A German company called Sinn has introduced what it believes it is possible to fight the smartwatch market alternative, and is nothing but a strap that allows you to keep both the Apple Watch as an analog clock at a time. As you read! Can you imagine wearing two watches on the wrist in the same belt?

Worst accessory for Apple Watch could ever have imagined

Sinn manufactured by the company called Dual Strap System and is a watchband that uses four shorter to put your own classic watches on one side of the wrist and the other Apple Watch straps. How useful is this type of belt?

The truth is that although a priori may seem a somewhat revolutionary idea, but the truth is that it is pretty silly. Why does a person need two clocks? The Apple Watch, among many other things, it is also able to display the time it is, so it is not necessary to take a secondary analog clock to check the time.

The belt is available in two sizes, so you can use both the Apple Watch 38mm as 42mm, and if you want you can turn it into a single strap to wear your watch Sinn. Pricewise, from Mashable they say that if you buy a Sinn watch the price is $ 120, whereas if you buy separately the price rises to $ 210.

And you, you would buy a belt of this type to wear two watches at the same time? To what extent do you think that is so useful accessory for the Apple Watch? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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