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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Best 50 Cydia Tweaks Compatible with 9.3.3

With the release of the jailbreak 9.3.3, those who have gone through the process of jailbreak tweaks now left wondering what work and what not with its current configuration. Fortunately, the jailbreak community have come together to build a list of tweaks compatible with this version of jailbreak.

Best 50 Cydia Tweaks Compatible with 9.3.3

  1. 20 Second Lockscreen: keeps your Lock screen awake for 20 seconds before dimming it
  2. 3DNoLag: gets rid of the lag when you invoke 3D touch on an app and removes the background blur slightly.
  3. Activator: allows you use gestures to perform custom actions.
  4. Alkaline: lets you theme the Status bar battery icon.
  5. AlwaysMore For Spotlight: displays more Siri suggestions and apps in Spotlight.
  6. AppColorClose: changes the color of ‘X’ button to the dominant color when apps are in wiggle mode on Home screen.
  7. Appendix: view all the apps in a folder with 3D Touch.
  8. Apple File Conduit “2”: allows you to search through your iPhone’s file system from computer using an application such as iFunBox.
  9. Bars: gives you a more granular look at the cellular signal in Status bar.
  10. BerryC8: places your favorite applications on the Lock screen. Grab an application and pull it down to launch it directly from there.
  11. BetterFiveColumnHomescreen: adds a fifth column of app icons to your Home screen.
  12. BetterFiveIconDock: allows you to place five icons on the Home screen dock.
  13. Bloard: applies a dark shade to the stock iOS keyboard.
  14. BlurryBadges: takes the dominant color of an app icon and applies it to the notification badge of that app.
  15. BottomBar: moves the Status bar to the bottom of Lock screen.
  16. BreadcrumbsAway: lets you hide breadcrumbs in the Status bar with a swipe gesture.
  17. Browser Changer: allows you to change the default browser on your iPhone.
  18. BytaFont 3: lets you change the font style across iOS.
  19. Cask: adds a cascading animation to Settings app when you scroll through it. The tweak can be installed from
  20. CCBackground: apply any images to Control Center background.
  21. CCColor: customizes the color of Control Center.
  22. CCDeseperator: removes the separators in Control Center.
  23. CCircle: makes the Control Center buttons and toggles circular.
  24. CCLoader: allows you to hide different sections of Control Center.
  25. CCMeters: adds a new section to Control Center to display the system information such as free storage space, CPU, free ram, upload and download speeds.
  26. CCSettings: adds more toggles to Control Center for mobile data, Location Services, Low Power Mode and so on.
  27. CircleIcons: makes the icons in Settings circular.
  28. Cream: colorizes the Control Center toggles.
  29. Cuttlefish: uses the dominant color of an app for 3D Touch background. The tweak can be installed from the following repo:
  30. Cylinder: customize the page animation as you scroll through pages.
  31. DetailedBatteryUsage: gives you a more detailed look at your iPhone’s battery consumption.
  32. DeleteForever: allows you to permanently delete a photo in Photos app without putting them in ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.
  33. Ethos: prevents games from turning off the background music on your iPhone.
  34. FaceDown: automatically locks your device when it is facing downwards.
  35. FlashRing: turn your iPhone flash on or off using the physical mute switch on the side of your device.
  36. FlatSafariURL: applies a flat look to the URL bar in Safari.
  37. Floater: adds iOS 10-esque look to Control Center and Notification Center.
  38. Folder6Plus: uses 4×4 grid for folder icon rather than 3×3.
  39. FullFolder9: displays the Home screen folder in fullscreen when opened.
  40. GlowBadge: makes an app icon glow when there’s a pending notification.
  41. Goodges: displays the notification count of an app in its Home screen label.
  42. GrabberApp8: allows you to add a favorite app to Lock screen and launch it directly from there.
  43. Harbor: lets you add as many apps as you’d like to the Home screen dock.
  44. HotDog: allows you to customize certain aspects of iOS such as Lock screen passcode, Call UI and much more.
  45. iCleaner: an extremely useful app that saves storage space on your iPhone by removing unnecessary files.
  46. IconArt: replaces the icon of Music app with the album artwork of the currently playing song. It works with third-party apps as well.
  47. IconBounce: adds bounce animations to the apps on your Home screen dock.
  48. IconRenamer: lets you rename any of your apps.
  49. Incognito Messages: shows your iMessage read receipt to others only when you start typing a reply.
  50. InstaBetter: adds a bunch of new features to Instagram such as fullscreen view of photos, gridview of your timeline and so on.

These are all free tweaks. If there’s anything that’s missing from the list, make sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

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