Best 50 Free Cydia Tweaks Compatible with 9.3.3 - 2016 -


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Best 50 Free Cydia Tweaks Compatible with 9.3.3 - 2016

With the release of the jailbreak 9.3.3, those who have gone through the process of jailbreak tweaks now left wondering what work and what not with its current configuration. Fortunately, the jailbreak community have come together to build a list of tweaks compatible with this version of jailbreak.

Best 50 Free Cydia Tweaks Compatible with 9.3.3 - 2016

  • KeyboardVibrate8: provides haptic feedback when using your iPhone keyboard.
  • LastApp: switches to the previously open application with an Activator gesture.
  • LockGlyph: adds a fingerprint glyph to the Lock screen that animates and makes a sound as you use Touch ID.
  • Messages Customiser: an all-in-one tweak for customizing the Messages app.
  • MinimalHUD: displays the volume HUD on the side of your screen to make it less obstrusive.
  • Mobius: lets you go from the last page of Home screen to the first page as you are scrolling.
  • MTerminal: lets you access terminal on your iPhone.
  • MultiIconMover: a very useful tweak for moving multiple apps on the Home screen at once.
  • NCColor: allows you to customize the color of Notification Center.
  • NCIfNeeded: opens the Notifications tab of Notification Center if there’s any pending notification otherwise it goes to the Today tab.
  • NCReveal9: uses a different animation when you swipe down to view Notification Center.
  • NoAppStoreRedirect: prevents popups from appearing in Cydia that redirect you to App Store.
  • PhoneAppNoFav: hides the Favorites tab in Phone app.
  • PM, Really?: displays a confirmation when you set an alarm for PM.
  • PowerTap: lets you reboot, respring or go to safemode from Power Off screen.
  • PriorityHUB: groups Lock screen notifications based on the app they belong to.
  • PullToRespring: lets you respring your device when you pull down the Settings interface.
  • Record ‘n Torch: lets you use the flash while recording videos on your iPhone.
  • RePower: displays additional options in Power Off screen such as reboot, respring and safemode.
  • ReturnToSender: replaces the Return button in iOS keyboard with the Send key if you’re in Message app.
  • RomanPasscode: uses Roman numerals in Lock screen passcode.
  • RoundDock: makes your Home screen dock round.
  • SafariCloseAllTabs: close all tabs at once in Safari while keeping selected ones open.
  • SafariRefresh: swipe down a page in Safari to refresh it.
  • SafariTabCount: shows the number of tabs open in Safari.
  • SendDelay: sends an SMS or iMessage after a short delay, allowing you to cancel the delivery if you want.
  • SmoothCursor: moves the text cursor much smoother as you type on the keyboard.
  • Speed Intensifier: speeds up the animations in iOS.
  • SpinSettings: animates the Settings app icon.
  • SpotlightBeGone: doesn’t show the Spotlight when you swipe the first Home screen page to the right.
  • StatusBarColor: lets you customize the color of Status bar.
  • StatusBarTimer: displays the timer from Clock app in Status bar.
  • StatusModifier: adds the date, RAM info and detailed time to Status bar.
  • SwipeForMore: lets you swipe packages in Cydia to remove or reinstall them.
  • SwipeSelection: move the text cursor by swiping on the keyboard.
  • SwipyFolders: uses the first app in a folder as the folder icon. You can tap on the folder to open the app or swipe up on it to open the folder instead.
  • Tactful: adds 3D Touch functionality to Cydia for refreshing repos, adding a new repo and much more.
  • TapTapFlip: tap the screen twice in Camera app to switch between front and rear camera.
  • Tintch: lets you customize the color of switches in iOS.
  • TransparentDock: makes your Home screen Dock background transparent.
  • Unlock Sound: uses an old-school unlock sound when unlocking your device.
  • VintageSwitcher: brings iOS 6-styled App Switcher to iOS 9.
  • Wink: hides the Status bar until you tap on it.
  • Zeppelin: lets you replace the carrier icon in Status bar with a logo of your choice.

These are all free tweaks. If there’s anything that’s missing from the list, make sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

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