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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week 2016 Edition

Since the release Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3, the developer has continuously update tweaks (Tweak) of them to be compatible with iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3. Here, we'll look at the same or some tweak on iOS 9.

Jailbreak is all about customizing your iOS device. You can install various Cydia tweaks to enjoy new features and functionality on your iPhone, replace the default font with something more fascinating as well as theme your device to bring a refreshing look to it.

Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week 2016 Edition 

1, BetterWiFi7

Tweak your first want to introduce to you is called BetterWiFi7. This is an enhanced tweak WiFi functionality on iOS. It provides the option to customize and enhance the list of WiFi networks, and adds a number of useful features for WiFi on your iOS device.

BetterWiFi7 Features include: Remove limits RSSI, carrier list know, Display Network encryption (WPA2, WPA, WEP, None), showing the exact signal strength ....

BetterWiFi7 is a tweak on iOS or 9, you can download it for free at source

2, DataMeter

Free at source

DataMeter is grave tweak helps you display traffic information mobile network and Wi-Fi in the Notification Center. Also, DataMeter can help you keep track of mobile network traffic and use Wi-Fi in the day, month, ... Show network speed on statusbar is also one of the features or DataMeter.

3, TinyBar

Have you ever been annoyed banner notifications on iOS too big yet? Tweak miniature TinyBar will report back by the size of the Status Bar .. TinyBar developed by Alex Zielenski

Tweak function is quite simple and not provide any other options. Once installed, it will automatically shrink the size of the banner notificaton (ie their height) equal to the size of the Status Bar, reduce the inconvenience that we suffered. If the message is too long and can not show all new banner on the size, tweak will automatically scroll (scroll) this piece of content that you can read.

4, Springtomize 3

As you already know, from iOS 7, 8 Springtomize always tweak a favorite because it can help you customize device iDevices almost unlimited, it can replace dozens of tweaks add up .

Animations - Custom Animation speed change, select the page flip effect, when off-screen effects. Want to feel the device run faster then you simply stick Custom Speed ​​down.

App Slide - resize, hide application icons in the multitasking window switch.

Control Center - customize the translucent background, background color, color controls, hidden components on the control center (Control Center)

Dock - Hidden Dock, Hidden Dock background, change the size, the number of icons, CoverFlow effects (Making curved)

Folders - done in the background, create a folder in the folder, animation effects, change the size, number of rows / columns icon in the folder, open the Folder speed and also to make the curved line icon Coverflow

Icons - update offline newspapers, locked for moving symbols, key ring vibrates when you hold the icon, disable uninstall the application, the icon image effects, adjust the, custom font icon labels, change the color of the badge, hide the icons you want to ...

Lock Screen - lock screen customization as Hidden Camera Grabber, Grabber Control Center, Notification Center Grabber, change font / style of the date and time, you can also customize the text in section Slide to unlock Slider Style (chosen as Custom text and handwriting you want to be included below)

Status Bar - change the operator logo, now on the Status Bar text, hide all the components on the Status Bar if you want.

Pages - dots hidden page, disable Spotlignt, change the size of icons, hide labels, the number of icons on the line / column and indispensable effect Coverflow

Notification Center - Custom Notification translucency, color Notification, hidden frames Today, in addition you can disable (disable) Notification Center.

5, iFile

iFile is an application that helps to access and manage files to run as root. iFile give you access to the files on your jailbroken device, like the Finder on your Mac or on your Windows Explorer. iFile is a tool to manage and customize advanced files on your device.

iFile allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system in multiple tabs. You can directly view files of various formats, including images, video, audio, text, HTML, web hosting, Microsoft and Apple iWork files, PDF files, and the compressed form.

iFile lets you handle the software and multimedia files in flexible ways, including:

  • Copy, paste, rename, and move files.
  • Edit the text file and the list of attributes, such as configuration files.
  • Install deb package.
  • Zip and unzip files compressed zips and other files.
  • Import Mp3s and other files on your iPod library (using iOS 4.x Gremlin2).
iFile also provides an easy way to get files in and out of your device:

  • Up to and download files from the web server is integrated in iFile through a web browser or connect to it as a network drive (WebDAV).
  • Management, copy and move files on your computer, Dropbox or FTP account.
  • Display and download your files from Toshiba FlashAir ® card.
  • Send an e-mail attachment.
  • Apple mount disk image files (DMG).
  • Send files to iFile on other iDevices via Bluetooth
  • Integration with AttachmentSaver, Safari Download Manager, Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing.
Above is a list of some tweak or on iOS 9, the tweak will help you to customize more your iOS device, to wish you success.

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