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Friday, 12 August 2016

Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week Compatible With iOS9.3.3

Since the release Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3, the developer has continuously update tweaks (Tweak) of them to be compatible with iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3. Here, we'll look at the same or some tweak on iOS 9.

Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week

1, Activator (Bigboss)

Activator is a classic tweak for iOS, this is regarded as the beginning of the jailbreak tweak. This tweak allows you to be able to perform the action from your device through gestures installed beforehand. Through Activator you can personalize your device on demand private use without the need to adhere to the default settings from Apple. This is a tweak or on iOS 9.

2, Apex 2

If you felt it was too boring when consolidation of applications into a folder, the Apex Apple Classic 2 will bring you a whole new experience. Apex 2 will help you have the same group of applications or related functions together. Makes it easy to access and interact with the applications that still gives a neat look and sophistication.

3, 3 ounces

Tweak ounces is a lot of users prefer, it supports iOS 7 to iOS 9.3.3 from. This tweak will help you combine the multitasking screen and control center and in a single user interface. Here you can keep track of the active application and device control via the control center built. In addition, 3 ounces also adds increased 'Kill All Apps' helps you completely off-screen applications in multitasking.

4, Barrel

Barrel but a tweak jailbreak prevalent in the community, it allows you to change effects when switching between apps page. This Tweak works on iOS 9.3.3 without updating. You can download free.

5, CallBar

CallBar help completely change the interface of your incoming calls. You can receive and respond to calls to while using other applications without the interruption of your current job. Calls to will appear only in the upper part of the small screen without fill the full screen as Apple's default settings.

6, CameraTweak 4

CameraTweak 4 brings the professional photography features photography apps on Apple's default. This is pretty much a user tweak to use the iPhone as a tool to capture your favorite picture. You will not need to photographic applications from 3rd party App Store. CameraTweak 4 will bring to all of the custom for the camera where you need to.

7, CircleIcons

CircleIcons is a simple tweak to help you rounded the icon in the Settings app, then as square as the default Icon Apple. CircleIcons help improve the image in similar settings on the Apple Watch.

8, Eclipse 3

Eclipse 3 delivers full night mode on your system. This mode helps you better protect your eyes at night, it can also create fresh on your iOS device.

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