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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Best Cydia Tweaks 2016 AUG

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone or iPad user can find different applications to customize the application icons in iOS, however, are mostly low reputation applications, or simply do not work properly

The fact is that Apple has never liked the complete customization of the system and has been against applications that enables design modification of certain applications, and although we have several alternatives in the AppStore, the fact is that are very few apps that allow us to customize the device on a large scale, in fact, it is possible to add widgets in notification center

Thanks to Jailbreak with Cydia Tweaks, we can customize and modify the device; Jailbreak now that we have many tools we can use for this purpose:


Adjust the volume of applications independently from the control center


Lock screen redraws providing us with information about the device's battery, time, weather; We can also access the latest or favorite applications as set


Redesign messages iOS style messages Apple TV


With a gesture Activator (set in settings) you can play with your applications galaga


Customize your design changing multitasking and gives us access to all installed applications


Multitasking can enlarge and shrink laas better visualization applications


Access from the lock screen with a gesture, to applications that previously has been set


Frame with multiple functions that we can activate or hide with Activator


Your application crashes with ForceTouch iPhone


Displays notifications in applications zooming in on them


Amplifies the device volume up to 200%

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