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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Biscuit: Awesome Theme for our iDevice with iOS 9.3.3

Currently there is a vast amount of topics topics included in the iOS App Store, where users can access and download them for free or with some additional cost manner. In case you're not satisfied with a simple wallpaper, you can then opt for the subjects of excellent quality that is available outside the Apple download site, as is the case of Cydia.

If you have Jailbreak on your iPhone, then you can choose to include in your list Biscuit, a theme for iOS quite nice visually, which fills the screen of your iDevice in different shades of gray, accompanied by a wallpaper a little abstract and changes in the appearance of application icons displayed on the screen.

Biscuit: Awesome Theme for our iDevice with iOS 9.3.3

After downloading the theme, you can access the application of Anemone and configure a lot of options Biscuit, such as activating shadows icons, modify, and giving reflection effects in the Dock. In case you want to see how you will see the theme as you go changing some functions, you can press the "Apply" option, where an image is displayed by the iPhone ahead with the changes.

If you want to apply the changes, press again "Apply" on the other hand, if you did not like any element on the theme, select the "Cancel" button to return to the Appearance Settings and continue exploring new changes suit your taste.


You can purchase Biscuit via download on Cydia, the tweak is priced at $ 2.99 and is compatible with any version of iOS iPhone or iPad.

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