Configuring Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad

If all goes as planned, services Apple Pay will come to Spain this 2016 . Therefore, it is important to understand its operation and settings on iPhone and iPad.

In this tutorial we will explain, step by step and with great detail, how to add your credit cards and debit apple pay , how to authorize mobile payments, how to change the default card and how to remove it .

Thanks to Apple Pay iPhone users and Apple Watch will be able to make payments through your smartphone in premises and establishments as Zara, IKEA, Mercadona, and even Burger King. And now, with macOS Sierra, it is possible to use Apple Pay via web .

Adding a credit card Apple Pay

1. Open the Wallet application on your iPhone.

2. Click on the "+" button.

3. Click on "Next".

4. Enter the details of your credit / debit card or use the scanner with the iPhone camera to provide the information automatically.

5. Select "Next".

6. Enter the expiration date and security code.

7. Make tap on "Next".

8. Accept the conditions.

9. Reconfirms.

10. Select the verification method.

11. Press "Enter Code".

12. Enter the verification code will arrive via email, sms or call.

13. Click "Next" and "Done".

Removing a credit card Apple Pay

1. Open the Settings application.

2. Click on Wallet and Apple Pay.

3. Click on the credit card you want to delete.

4. Make tap on the "Delete credit card" at the bottom.

Changing the default credit card Apple Pay

1. Open the Settings app in iOS iPhone and / or iPad.

2. Access Wallet and Apple Pay.

3. Select the "default card" option.

4. Choose the credit card you want to use by default.

As you could see by these brief but useful mini-tutorials, setup services Apple Pay is really simple. And now that you have everything ready, You can go now shopping with your beloved iPhone! Yes, you may have to wait a little longer until Apple implements its services in Spain. But as mentioned above, will arrive this year 2016.
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