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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Create free ringtones for your iPhone

Tired of confusing the tone of another person with your own? There are few people who have an iPhone to his credit, so it is not very difficult to match the tone with one another. However, if you want you can create your own free ringtones for the iPhone in a few minutes.

In order to create your own ringtones totally free call just need a Mac or Windows computer and iTunes. Nothing else! So if you already have everything ready we will dive into the nitty-gritty.

Get your free personalized tone call for iPhone

If you want to convert your favorite song on your ring tone for when they call you just follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes
  • Look for the song you want to convert into a ringtone in your music library. In case you do not have it there, you just have to open the sound file with iTunes.
  • The chosen song should be in MP3. Right click on it and click on "Get Info."
  • Go to the Options tab and adjust the start and end of the song. The ringtones should last a maximum of 30 seconds, although you can choose less time if you want.
  • Again the song click on the right mouse button and click "Create AAC version".
  • Look for the new AAC version on your computer and copy it to the desktop to have on hand.
  • Change the file extension .m4a to .m4r.

  • Drag the file to the folder you find tones Music - iTunes and then open it in iTunes by dragging or double - clicking on the song.
  • In iTunes go to the Tones section, where if everything went correctly should appear this new you created.
  • Do not forget to return the original length to cut the song you click on it again and giving "Get Info."
  • Once you've done all these steps you just have to spend the tone for the iPhone to use it. To do this you must connect the iPhone to iTunes and sync ringtones to the smartphone.

Done! You'll get your tone or new ringing tones on the iPhone ready to be used. They are set like any other tone that is preset from the Settings app.

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