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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Create your own Pokémon with AO Creator for iPhone

After the arrival of Pokémon GO to mobile devices and the great boom that has generated among users, these bichejos are the order of the day. However, there are users who prefer more classic Pokemon games and play on consoles instead of mobile.

If you play on a Nintendo 3DS Pokémon or 2DS and you have a device you know that thanks to the AO Creator application you can create your own pokémon for the game. Moreover, these days have a discount for a limited time, so do not miss the opportunity.

Ready to create your own pokémon with AO Creator?

To create your own pokémon in AO Creator and then pass them to your game Nintendo 3DS and 2DS all you need is a SD card reader, a computer and your handheld console has the software in version 9 or higher. With AO Creator you can create QR codes and load your iOS device from your own Pokémon in your game or 2DS 3DS.

AO Creator lets you create any Pokemon from scratch and configure a lot of features, including the species, skills, statistics and much more. In addition, the application typically updates quite frequently to add new features.

Yes, the pokémon you create with AO Creator only serve you to practice and in the description accompanying the application in the App Store creators say that no promise you can make your own creations tournaments. Yes, they are convinced that the fun is guaranteed, so if you're a pokemaníaco not miss this temporary offer.

Get AO Creator on your iPhone with a significant discount

Currently the AO Creator app is available for iPhone for just € 0.99, while its regular price is € 4.99. It is also compatible with the iPad, but is not optimized for these screens and requires iOS 7 or higher system.

¿You knew already AO Creator? Like the idea of ​​creating your own Pokemon?

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