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Friday, 19 August 2016

Deus Ex Go - that's exactly what they asked

Rule GO-games, which began a few years ago - perhaps the best example of how to transfer large console games to the small screen. After all, if you take the same "Хитмана" and in its original form drag on iOS, nothing good would come out as wanted. And here, in the form of puzzles, it full of reverence towards the original series - is. The second GO-games, dedicated to Lara Croft, and at all has been close to ideal: Riddles, puzzles and lots of content. This week has appeared a third of Deus Ex, GO, on the eve of the departure of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, visited iOS. Great, apparently, the party - but does everything well.

To begin with we will leave again going to take a tour of the point: this mobile Deus Ex mechanics has nothing to do with the original; is not stealth-action, not ветвистых nonlinearity and dialogues. But there is, for example, the plot is the first time in the series: Hitman Go was simply a set of levels, Lara Croft Go then peeked something similar to the script, Deus Ex takes the bar higher. It all starts with the research business logic, but then rise: conspiracies, corporations, and other dark forces paranoid themes that have always been in Deus EX in this place, and work perfectly. The script is served in a simple manner through dialogue with partner Adam; сверхвыдающегося nothing but a puzzle game for good.

Deus Ex mechanics GO same as in the previous two parts; which he played all understand, immediately. Basically, every time you have to get from point a to point b. adam moves step by step, jumping from one segment to another. Of course, all inputs and outputs are closed protection - here is the simple guys with truncheons, and some kind of robots, and even the turret. To deceive the enemy, not only have to stick your finger, but with reason, and Deus Ex GO is already in the fifth and seventh level makes your head spin. You are looking at ways to turn around guards demolishing them head on, invisibility and взламываете connects digital systems - this Deus Ex, rather similar to the Hitman, who Lara Croft.

As always, the solution of the task, generally one that designers. Space for improvisation honestly do not have to disassemble the puzzle, and not креативить. It's a bit frustrating for Lara Croft Go allowed a couple of steps to the left. Not in Deus Ex GO and all kinds of bonuses - not required to collect the collection or simply look at the level of the "stars". It's just you, the plot and straight.

But understand correctly. And wrapping tinsel Deus Ex, GO - a great way to pass the time. Invented in Hitman Go formula is not yet bored and exciting untangle the mystery so, and if from here and then here, another here ... yes! The most satisfaction, накрывающее when a strong challenge still gives the slack, and is that the gap is closed to all buttons of defense.

And even the environment. Why here, yellow design бликует on the matte surface, mesh zig-загом gives light; on the sidewalk levels of shelves, the police and броневики hardly have changed teams. The winning design world transhumanism is drawn with such warmth that inadvertently forget their danger.

Moving from Deus Ex, GO 379 rubles - quite acceptable price for the game at this level.

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