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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Did you know? iPhone 6s are read-write data faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7

The nature of the job often requires a device with a faster processor to meet the demands of everyday life. Most often, the quality of Chip, the size of RAM, and a battery capacity that's huge, especially if they have large RAM or more, it will allow faster processing equipment.

The speed of reading and writing data on the Hard Drive (storage of equipment) are important factors as well. To make those devices or faster processor. Enabling device manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung to develop a device to read, write feature stories and more.

Apple pushed the speed to read and write data.

Apple is trying to develop technology to read and write data constantly. But little is said about this very much. It is understood that the device has a high speed RAM, but often these days, we will always see that Apple pays attention to this technology, however. And the result shows that the iPhone has a read-write device data faster than the Samsung Galaxy.

NAND Flash key to reading and writing data.

One reason iPhone 6s are processed faster than the previous generation iPhone as Apple's iPhone 6 is the Managing Memory (memory) with the new technology. Using a SSD (Solid State drive) from the MacBook with a data transmission speed to deploy with the iPhone.

The iPhone 6s will NVMe Protocol (Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller) is a standard for connecting with a chip NAND Flash SSD is the key to reading and writing data. SSD is much faster than the iPad Pro iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to competitors like Samsung Galaxy is to use this technology as well.

NAND Flash test between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Test results for reading and writing data from NAND chips by measuring the amount of data is written, read MB / s even if the results show that it is better to read and write data at a nominal fee.

The amount of test data with NAND.

Testing the amount of data written with NAND

Test results show that the chip NAND Flash in iPhone 6s Plus a test of reading and writing data than Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and other models, although the Samsung Galaxy S7 models recently launched, it also results. Read, write less data than iPhone 6s.

But that does not mean that Samsung will not give priority to this because there is news that Samsung will have to improve and upgrade the properties of memory devices in a new version soon.

However, the development of equipment with many elements that make the equipment and the quality results quickly ml. Manufacturers will have to recruit and develop technology to rivals and always meet the needs of users in mind.

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