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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Disabling animation focus ring on Mac OS

One of the animations you find in Mac OS X and Mac OS is known as the "animation focus ring , " which is a kind of point that transforms into a circle, each time a click is done with the mouse on a text entry box. Likely many users still have not noticed, because it is a subtle effect, but there are others that if they notice and take it as an unnecessary element and distractor, so they decide to disable it.

The animation effect focus ring at any time, when a text entry box is selected, and when Tab is used to move the keyboard focus somewhere where there are a lot of form fields.

Although most Mac users do not notice the animation focus ring, other users if you can notice. But some Mac users do not like at all this animation because it seems to them an effect and adds distraction. For users who do not want to see animation focus ring, have the opportunity to disable this animation with a predetermined write command.

Disable animation focus ring on Mac OS X

  • Open Terminal and type the following command string to turn the focus ring animation through Mac OS X:

  defaults write -globalDomain NSUseAnimatedFocusRing bool NO 

  • Activate animation focus ring on Mac OS X (default)
  • To turn the focus ring animated effect, simply delete the default command string, or change the NO by YES.

  defaults write -globalDomain NSUseAnimatedFocusRing bool YES 

  • You must quit all applications to open them again, or restart your Mac for the changes to take effect everywhere in the ring animation is used.

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