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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Discover the IV of your Pokémon depending on their assessment

During its last update, GO Pokémon added the ability to evaluate our Pokémon, receiving several responses depending on the IV having our pocket monsters.

Well, then I'll explain how to know the IV of our Pokémon depending on the response we receive from each of the leaders of our team.

Overall rating of IV

Before continuing, it is important to note that the maximum value of each of the IV is 15, so if each Pokémon has three values ​​(Attack, Defense and Health), the maximum amount of IV we can reach is 45.

(0-22 IV) 0% to 48.9% 

  • Candela: " It may not be the strongest, but I still like it ."
  • Blanche: "It seems unlikely to get very far in combat"
  • Spark: "Could improve something that refers fighting"

(23 to 29 IV) 51.1% 64.4%

  • Candela: "This pretty well."
  • Blanche: "Above average"
  • Spark: " It 's pretty good"

(30 to 36 IV) 66.7% 80%

  • Candela: "It's very strong What pride you feel !."
  • Blanche: "It has certainly drawn attention"
  • Spark: "It's really strong!"

(37 to 45 IV) 82.2% 100%

  • Candela: " It just fascinates me can achieve anything !."
  • Blanche: " It is a wonder to behold. That specimen so awesome! "
  • Spark: "You can compete against the best!"

highest value of IV

All IV below 8 

  • Candela: "Do not you be very useful in combat," 
  • Blanche: "Its features leave a bit to be desired, I would say." 
  • Spark: "They're ... well, I guess."

At least one IV between 8 and 12 

  • Candela: "They will help you meet your goal in combat" 
  • Blanche: "Its features are pretty good." 
  • Spark: "Good characteristics, no doubt."

At least one IV between 13 and 14 

  • Candela: " It has excellent features How exciting!" 
  • Blanche: "Its features are really impressive." 
  • Spark: "They are really strong! It's awesome. "

At least one IV at its maximum value of 15 

  • Candela: "I'm freaking out with its characteristics WOW!" 
  • Blanche: "They're outside all calculation. Is incredible!" 
  • Spark: "They're the best I've ever seen! That last!"

In this way, we can know if one of our Pokémon is really hard to train, because as you know, not to have more PC is necessarily stronger.

Still, it is important to make clear that to win in Fitness is not necessary to have a perfect IV Pokémon, so this is just a bonus for all those who want to give a different approach to the game.

Pokémon GO is available free and universal.

Pokémon GO (AppStore Link) Pokémon GO 

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