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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Do not be thrown out of Pokémon GO: how to avoid bans and fix

If a game there, the crowd will light tricks to move faster or get more rewards. Either by "failures" of the same game as using third-party applications. Of course, GO Pokémon was not going to fight this.

Today, there are many methods to increase level and get better Pokémon in Pokémon GO. How? For making use of programs that make MAC spoofing (impersonation). Thus, you can play from home and be walking around the street. A little unfair if we consider that there are other people who do leave daily for a while.

This problem has already been reported several times and has now been Niantic when the developer put adamantly hand. If you violate a set of rules established by Niantic or your behavior is abnormal, you must choose another account to play Pokémon GO, because they'll ban you for life.

But why can banearme my account?

Niantic and gave explanations of the conditions that will make you lose your mind . By using an unofficial app GO Pokémon you risk losing your account. For example, for radar with which locate Pokemon; beyond those that do not violate the rules.

Those who use the distortive GPS also have their days because Niantic has blocked the accounts catching more than 2,000 Poképaradas and capture Pokémon 1,000 in one day. They could also ban the account if a user uses the same account on three IP devices under identical. There is one exception, and that is whether these three devices are walking hatching eggs or still.

Finally, Niantic is blocking accounts that travel long distances in a short space of time. Its objective? GO Pokémon play only on foot.

Here we summarize the conditions Niantic been implemented to prevent those who do tricks in Pokémon GO:

  • Use an unofficial app.
  • Going through more than 2,000 Poképaradas in one day.
  • Pokemon catch more than 1,000 in a day.
  • Use your account on three different devices under the same IP.
  • Travel long distance in a short time.

It seems that Niantic is getting down to work to stop those who try to "break" the game based on exaggerated levels in a short time, Pokémon too strong in gyms and others. Will we see an improvement in the game after these changes?

How to recover an account banned for life?

No need to have fulfilled all the conditions for Baneen your account. With only have been using much a radar with your account you could get the ban. But if it was only that, you can ask Niantic you return your account.

On the official website of the developer they have enabled a website where asked to withdraw the ban to your account. For example, if you know that use radar was against the rules of the game.
Official website to request removal of a ban
These measures have come, yes, but perhaps a little late. There are already people with suspiciously high levels and a collection of very powerful Pokémon for those who take long. More than you could have from the game's release.

As advice, I will say that advirtáis (or not) to your friends using this series of tricks. Or at least, that an unauthorized use innocently radar.

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