Download iOS 9.3.4 for Security Troubleshooting -


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Friday, 5 August 2016

Download iOS 9.3.4 for Security Troubleshooting

After launching a few betas of iOS 9.3.3 on our devices, Apple just put our iOS 9.3.4 available in order to solve some security problems than the previous version caused both iPhone and iPad. This update comes two weeks after the release of the previous version, and the company defines it as a very important safety improvement for all users. Those who have returned since the beta of IOS 10 , welcome to a safer world.

Unexpectedly, Apple has just released an update of only 25.1 MB download via OTA or through iTunes. The Cupertino company would not reveal what those problems are solved with this update has. Possibly, this is the last version before the start of the final iOS 10 next month, when the iPhone 7 and his older brother is presented to the expectant public.

iOS will bring 10 new features that elevate the user experience on iOS to levels never before achieved. And yes we could say, with great pride, we have the most secure, complete, fluid and cost of all current and future mobile system. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, I recommend that you upgrade to iOS 9.3.4, for the security of your device is now in question.

According to 9to5Mac , this minor update could serve to remove Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 which came out a few days ago and has had many active users in the specialized networks in this regard. The Jailbreak iOS 10 also made ​​his timid appearance, but still do not have 100% safe news operation in the latest version of the system preferred by all.

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