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Monday, 15 August 2016

Emptying the local cache of Google Maps in IOS

Unlike most other applications you may have installed on your iPhone or any device with iOS, Google Maps application allows users to manually clear your cache. This will delete the downloaded when using the Google Maps application in iOS, including all local application cache involving data stored offline maps and restore cookies within the mapping application files.

This is very useful for users who use this tool feature, particularly as to the application of Google Maps can often take a considerable amount of local storage through caching maps.

How to manually empty the local cache of Google Maps on an iPhone

This tutorial is focused for the iPhone, but this power exists in the application of Google Maps for any iOS device.
Open Google Maps and click on the menu icon horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Go to "Settings" and then choose "approaches, terms and privacy"

Select "Delete application data"

Click "OK" to confirm you want to delete the cache of Google maps application.

Sal panel settings Google map application.

the application data and caches are deleted, freeing the space is taken up by the application of Google Maps.

By following these simple steps, you can easily free up several hundred MB of storage and perhaps even more, if you are a regular user of Google Maps, or if you use the function in Offline maps app.

This is an interesting feature as it allows you to purge the space occupied by the cache and get a few extra megabytes for your photos, videos, messages and what you can think of.

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