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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Facebook test AutoPlay videos with sound

Facebook has confirmed it is testing a new version of autoplay videos in applications for iOS and Android, which automatically plays audio while scrolling through the news feed. This contrasts with the current behavior of the application as automatic video views are made in silent mode, so it is necessary to tap to activate the audio.

Also it is testing a third variant, which plays videos silent, but has an icon that allows users to change the sound for a particular session. Since Facebook is said that these new features will have the option of disabling the configuration section from the user's profile.

"We are running a small test in the News Feed where people can choose to watch videos with sound from the beginning", as told by a spokesman for Facebook. "For those in this test and do not want the sound to play , you can disable the option in the configuration section or directly on the video itself. "

It is strange that Facebook is testing a feature as intrusive when their own research shows that 80% of users react negatively towards him and when playing a video with an annoying and unexpected with the sound turned autoplay option.

Fortunately the test so far is limited to Australia and hopefully the negative feedback that had at the time, deters Facebook not to apply this feature globally.

Moreover, there is good news that has to do with Facebook is also testing the secret talks, which provides selective access to end - to - end encryption in Messenger chats. The current version of the application in the past month included new Touch 3D functions.

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