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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Facebook Test autoplay videos with sound in your App for iOS

For some time here now, Facebook has a feature that makes videos to play without sound automatically when you stand on it in the app for mobile devices. Well, it seems that now the most used social network in the world is doing tests to autoplay videos that occurs with sound.

From now on , Facebook will start playing test videos automatically with sound in both its app for iOS and Android. Among these video ads they are also included and will initially be limited to Australian users test.

As they explained guys Mashable , Facebook is using two different methods to assess how users react to this change. In both tests, the sound only plays if the volume of iPhone is activated and also added an option in the Facebook settings so that the sound is always off.

¿Autoplay video with or without sound?

In one trial versions sound is played immediately when the video starts, as long as the device is activated sound. Another group of users can turn the sound during the test session using an icon at the bottom right of the video.

On the other hand, I must say that both groups see a pop -up message to inform them of how to use the controls. And if you prefer, in shaping Facebook have an option so that the sound is always off.

It is certainly an interesting test because after investigations Facebook has concluded that mobile users prefer to have the option to choose the sound. On the other hand, it is striking to see how 80% of people react negatively to the platform when the sound of an ad or video plays unexpectedly.

And you, do you prefer that videos play automatically do so with or without sound?

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