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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Filtered iPhone 7 images black colored space

A little less than a month after the inaugural event that Apple plans for the iPhone in July (allegedly on September 7) have circulated a lot of mockups that appear to be from 7 original iPhones. Although we already realized that, still appear photographs everywhere, some of which claim to be prototypes, whether true or false, to complete the collection, it was necessary to see an iPhone 7 in Space black color, that they have leaked a series of photographs showing the future Apple smartphone alternative color.

A new batch of images published yesterday in the Chinese microblogging service, Weibo, show what appears to be a model of the iPhone 7 4.7 inches in space black color, as well as other models with 5.5 - inch without an intelligent magnetic connector at the back.

Interestingly, one of the images shows a iPhone 7 Plus next to the 5.5-inch model that does not include a smart connector at the back. see also achieved in the other image showing three units of iPhone 7 Plus, each device appears to have included the smart connector. The magnetic attachment could be used for wireless charging the device.

Another interesting observation is that the photographs show the 5.5-inch smartphones with intelligent connectors, confusingly have an "S" engraved under the iPhone brand on the back, although the other photographs showing units space black iPhone 7 4.7 and 5.5 inches, just say "iPhone".

Does Apple will launch an "iPhone 7", "iPhone 7 Plus" and "Plus iPhone 7s" while this year? It seems very difficult.

Everything suggests that these pictures definitely show false units.

Nevertheless, the photos give us a good indication of what could be the black space implemented on the device.

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