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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Finding images with Siri in Sierra macOS

With the integration of Siri in Sierra macOS a range of possibilities opens up for your daily tasks more productive. This new feature lets you harness the power of virtual intelligent assistant Apple to find photos on the web or on your own computer and then drag them directly into applications.

Here we'll show you how to use this feature Siri in macOS Sierra, which is currently in public beta and will be released this quarter.

Hey, Siri: find me photos.

To begin, you must click on the new Siri icon in the Dock, pressing CMD + space or by clicking the Siri icon located on the top right of the menu bar.

Then ask Siri to find a picture of your choice, this specifies whether you want the search is done on your own Mac or from the web. For example, "Siri, find me pictures of Demi Lovato on my Mac". In case you want to search the web ask "Siri, find me pictures of Demi Lovato online , " the voice assistant will bring a selection of 12 images from Bing through Safari, but unfortunately for now there is no way to choose the Search Engine.

Once you 've done that, you can drag and drop images directly from the window of Siri in applications such as Pages, Messages, Photoshop or others. Alternatively, you can drag the images to the desktop or another folder in Finder so that you can use whenever you want.

That's all the time are expected to be able to add new features to Siri, as the transformation of an audio file to text, advanced commands for own and third-party applications and more.

Do you know any command Siri that can simplify some daily task ?, we invite you to write it in the comments section.

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