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Friday, 26 August 2016

Future iPhone may collect fingerprints and pictures were stolen

Apple is not the first to have anti-theft technology for the iPhone, but is known as a fairly well-known. Whether the Find my iPhone feature or a lock that can not be cleared. (Finally, although it was sold as spare parts ... but it was well satisfied), the opportunity to change from 0% to 1%, but hopes to own. A lost or stolen it.

Future iPhone may collect fingerprints and pictures were stolen.

The agency said that Apple has filed a patent in the US mortgage biotechnology for the detection of unauthorized. The detail work is simple but excellent results. The idea of ​​using an iPhone or iPad via touch Touch ID, including photography.

Regular work is if a user tries to unlock the iPhone or iPad via the Touch ID number five times and then pass it to a password only. If there are more than ten times the effort to enter the password. It is the period of delay. And besides, if I had not locked 48 hours, it is necessary to enter the code again.

In addition, other biological information can also be added, such as time and location, speed, air pressure, sound, and other details that will help us catch criminals "easier".

Abroad, there are concerns about the storage of these users. Including privacy concerns, the user has to be assured, however, when the data output from the iPhone to the server. (Formerly fingerprints are stored in a machine only) and are also available on this patent litigation. The analogy with the inventor or others.

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