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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7, the battle of the curves

If a manufacturer that has bet heavily on the curved screens, among other things because it's manufactured and fewer manufacturers may choose to, that's Samsung. Already last year with versions Edge Galaxy S6 surprised the market by providing the terminal with a curved screen at both ends. Recall that the curve screen debut in the Galaxy Note 4 and 2 years. Right now we are in the maelstrom of the presentation of the Galaxy Note in July . So it's time to face the two terminals with curved screen quintessential market in 2016, even if they are from the same manufacturer. Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7.


At first glance, the note 7 and S7 Edge look like two phones cut from the same pattern, a pair of terminals differ mainly in size and some other feature. However, a closer inspection reveals some slight differences that Samsung has introduced the new Note 7.

These small differences can be found in the angle of curvature found in Note 7 something that makes a first instance feel better when you catch it in his hand. But we say, small differences. Small differences, or both, as the Note 7 uses a port USB Type-C (first used by the Korean brand) instead of the micro-USB we know all years and that is the one that is present in the S7 .


Another "small" difference is the 0.2 inches that there are difference between the two screens that keep the same resolution, ie, both screens have a quad-HD 1440 x 2560 AMOLED panel. Where we can find major differences will be in using the terminal. The Note 7 has an S-Pen, like all Samsung Note range from the beginning, while the S7 does not have the same edge.

Another big difference will be found in the safety found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as it has unlocked the iris is thus added to the fingerprint reader that is also present in the S7. It is true that it may seem that the reader really iris is based on camera Note 7 could be extrapolated to S7 by an update via software.

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