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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

GO Pokémon left in Latin America because Pokévision is defused

With the volume of users playing Pokémon GO (more than 25 million a day in the US alone), and after the huge amount of downloads of the app (hovering and 100 million in the Google Play Store), any news that is produced is It becomes a cataclysm. As happened with Pokévision and similar services: off any extra that provided by the game helps.

Deactivation had an impact on many players who took advantage of this extra help of maps (never got the status of all Pokémon) had to return to using only the radar. Nothing bad, on the other hand: this little "trap" detracted interest and challenge to the game. But not only this, Niantic clear in an article added reason for disconnection.
Thanks to the deactivation of Pokévision and other maps, Pokémon GO landed in Latin America

This phrase could write us to overdo it in the holder (hook has), but they are words of the developers themselves. Citing article that is posted on his blog:

    "We delayed the launch in Latin America due to aggressive efforts by third parties to access servers from outside the Pokémon GO application and against the terms of use." ... "Freeing these resources allowed us to proceed with the launch in Latin America " 

The most interesting of the words of Niantic is the graph presented in the article. Pokévision (and many other Pokémon location services) made use of the official Api game to put the points on the map; also the time to disappear. All requests for these bots reloaded Niantic servers by almost 200%; Always according to the graph, the developers did not give specifics.

If you have ever tried Pokévision (usually the case when you play Pokémon GO), you will remember that the service only allowed a status update every 30 seconds. The goal was not recharged in excess servers. But bloomed this type of apps, there came a time when the situation became untenable. To which must be added the fact become the target of DDoS attacks and other methods to saturation servers.

    Pokévision and other services recharged servers Niantic triple play Pokémon GO

Niantic particularly emphasizes that blocking services outside Pokémon GO is done to ensure the good experience of the players. In his words:

    "We do not expect to stop the attacks; but we want you to understand why we have made these decisions and why we will continue taking them to maintain the stability and integrity of the game. " 

End of the "traps" and extra support, but little ease in the game

I love Pokémon GO. In fact, I have already mounted several family hunts during which enjoyed touring the city and making contact with other players. Although the experience is good, I do believe that who will play forsaken the map. Beyond the logic arbitrariness of Pokémon, the radar does not provide much help is frustrating.

I'm glad Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are serious about their game and kept up to date; but I also like the adventure of hunting orientation is influenced more than chance. I hope you disable all services that get extra help Pokémon radar behave as it should be; although it has to wait for future updates. 

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