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Thursday, 4 August 2016

GO Pokémon officially comes to Latin America

At last! After several weeks of waiting, the successful Pokémon GO has officially come to Latin America, but yes, for now only some countries like Mexico.

While it is true that the application could be downloaded from the App Store from another country, that is available in countries like Mexico or Brazil will result in the game to work much better than before thanks to have its own servers.

 Pokémon GO ✔ @PokemonGoApp
We are excited to share more details about #PokemonGO including the launch across Latin America! https://goo.gl/pxHfmW

Do yourself with everyone!

Specifically, it appears that countries where the game is now officially available for download are:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Of note is the case of Brazil, since being the country where the 2016 Olympics were held many users and even athletes who bitterly demanded the arrival of the game.

In short, gradually it seems to Pokémon GO is coming to all countries, so if you live in a country where not yet been published, all you have to do is be patient.

Do yourself with everyone!

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