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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Google Duo, Alternative 'Slam Dunk' to FaceTime

Facing no opposition from Apple to bring the long - awaited improvements to FaceTime, and failure on a personal level Google with Hangouts, the big G has developed and launched today an app looking at you face to face with the video call application Apple. Today Duo, a new and simple way to make videollamdas between friends, family or even business is launched. However, since Google they have already said that Hangouts will be the project to companies and Duo 'people'. From today it will be available on iOs and Android .

Video calls have never been so easy to make, plus attractive. Google Duo offers a feature called 'knock knock' which allows the user receiving the call to see who is on the other side of the camera before accepting the call and see what he is doing at that moment live. With this tinkering hair, bleary and change clothes while the user is finished you answer the call. Anyway, this feature can be disabled at any time from the options menu. During calls we can only switch between our image and the other party as well as remove the audio and / or video.

To register in Duo, only we need our phone number, allowing Google to send an SMS confirmation. After this, the user can call any of your contact list Duo have installed on your phone, of course. According to Google, although it seems an exact copy FaceTime, Duo is faster and more stable connections at low speeds. The connection between devices will be instantaneous, as each call is set to the possibilities of each moment of each connection. Do not forget that is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 onwards.

Although Google Duo is a great alternative that wants to defeat the left FaceTime, the Apple is still up to it . Google wants to turn his Duo in the WhatsApp application FaceTime video call as it was in its glory days. Do you think Duo get unseat and not only FaceTime but Skype? Does the Hangout people know more than we know it now? Anyway, both Apple and Google have much work ahead, because until WhatsApp is put the batteries with video calling next year .

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