Google Duo vs FaceTime, nothing can unseat Apple -


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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Google Duo vs FaceTime, nothing can unseat Apple

Google has seen how its commitment to messaging applications and calls has had a very bad result this time - yes, Google is also the worst - with little use by consumers. So the huge outlay of money that have been carried out, can be said to have fallen on deaf ears.

When it seemed that everything was by advocating this application, Hangouts , to disappear Alphabet introduced I / O Allo and Duo two applications coming to rescue its presence in the landscape of messaging and calling on Google. Duo has already been launched in iOS, and CP have run as much as possible to bring the comparison with the best app we have in iOS: FaceTime.

The comparison that left evidence Alphabet

Having tested the new app Alphabet, and having compared with the native application that Apple includes in iOS and MacOS we bring you the results.

Duo is only one application of video calls

As in the early FaceTime, Duo only has the ability to make video calls. While it is true that the field of video calling has arrived at its best quality - we could not expect less from the big G. While, FaceTime and allows the audio-only calls over WiFi or mobile networks a point to have note that often saves us out of trouble when we do not have minutes in our rates.

Apple wins ecosystem

Having compatibility between devices Apple gives us a bestial advantage over other applications, when we call FaceTime we can answer the call from any of our devices. As we always say Apple is building a strong ecosystem that going to be very difficult to break.


With Duo we can see a preview of the person we are calling, provided that this person has activated. Allowing us to know if we are interested or not answer, or if we have to dress up a little more for an appointment with our partner Erasmus.

Duo joins platforms

Despite its limited features, Google Duo has an advantage over FaceTime is cross - platform so you can use it to talk to anyone whether or not Apple products. So it breaks a fundamental barrier in communicating with family and friends.

Both applications have a lot to improve, for example, add group calls and, in the case of Duo, allowing audio calls. Screen sharing is a feature that many users we miss, Alphabet Apple and put you batteries!

I hope that this comparison has served to know the pluses and minuses of the new application of the Mountain View a bit better - and obviously, FaceTime is better.

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