Governments use spyware to monitor iPhone users -


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Monday, 29 August 2016

Governments use spyware to monitor iPhone users

Laboratory specialists Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto published a report on the implementation of israel new companies NSO Group Technologies, uses the vulnerability of iPhone. The report states that NSO sells abroad to the authorities as a tool for espionage.

Last week, Apple has released an update of its operating system for mobile devices iOS 9.3.5 to resolve the security breach, which was used for monitoring by the owner of smartphones, it is said in the message of the company. Mt program under the name Pegasus used to attack Apple devices three unknown vulnerability of the operating system. With his help, she discreetly installed on the iPhone, gaining the ability to track user's movement, intercept messages and copy personal data.

The malicious code was discovered nearly two weeks ago by the company Lookout, specializing in information security, in link analysis, transmitted the message on the smartphone Ahmed Mansur, human rights activists from the United Arab Emirates. Surfing she carried the infection iPhone 6. "After infection Mansur phone has become digital spy pocket, with the help of the camera and microphone следившего for everything around, communication is перехватывающего WhatsApp and Viber messages in the chat ", - stated in the Citizen Lab report According to Mansur, after attack cost the security forces of the united Arab emirates..

Apple said it has treated immediately after they are known, and encouraged all iOS users urgently upgrade to version 9.3.5.

"Pegasus - more professional program spy software all known me," citing the "record" chapter Lookout mike murray. He added that the program works very taciturn to charge the device battery standby infected расходовался not too fast and this has not aroused suspicions. When the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network the program starts pumping stolen data quickly.

Zamir Дахбаш, mt representative said the company does not know anything about the attack in Mansura. Spyware, according to him, only allowed governments to help them "fight terrorism and crime."

Eo has positioned itself as the leader in the field of arms кибернетического developer. "Our products are ghosts, are totally invisible to the victim and leave no trace," - said in 2013, one of the founders of the NSO Omri Lavi.

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