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Sunday, 28 August 2016

[HACK] Brave Frontier Global V1.5.31

This is a UNIVERSAL APP so this HACK works for both iPhone and iPad.


  1. - Internet Connection (To Download Hacked File)
  2. - Jailbroken Device (JB)
  3. - File Manager (iFile,iFunbox,iTools,etc.)
Hack Features: -Error Reporting (see notes below) -Mod Instructions -High-Peformance Mode (for older devices/OSes) -Remember settings between sessions -Customizable Button -In-Game Mod Menu !!! 

Mods: - God Mode - One Hit Kill Monsters 
- Instant Brave Burst
 - Infinite Battle Items 
- Enable Friend Skill
 - 100 Honor Points Gain
 - 65,000+ Zel Gain 
- 65,000+ Karma Gain 
- 65,000+ Inventory


  1. -Ensure you have jailbroken device
  2. -Close " Brave Frontier " via AppSwitcher (Press Homebutton twice and swipe Brave Frontier  up)
  3. -Download hack to your iDevice
  4. -Go into IFile and find downloaded deb file
  5. -Tap on it and hit install (just click on the .deb and then installation)
  6. -Launch the game
  7. -Enjoy it!

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