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Monday, 1 August 2016

[HACK] Pokemon Go With PokemonGoAnywhere

Today's most popular mobile game Pokemon Go caused a global sensation, and even a series of false news claiming the players to play Pokemon Go lead to a chain accident, showing how much of the charm of the game. But for the players physically and mentally impaired, it can only envy watching other people play, because they do not cause problems with mobility based on GPS to locate each attraction tame Pokémon, but there jailbreak developer Will Cobb family for these groups developed Pokemon Go subsidy tools PokemonGoAnywhere to solve this problem, so that these groups do not need to go out it is possible to freely control the character forward or backward, but the official forgery GPS tool for grasping relatively tight, want to use the first or think clearly.

Official detect GPS positioning plug-in mechanism technology is quite mature, such as the use of follow-up may result in account has been blocked, please consider carefully before use to avoid runs the risk.

To start the game Pokemon Go, the left side of the screen displays three buttons, the first description of the second button "Tap to Walk" after the click function is turned on, you can make virtual characters with the on-screen players who click on the screen directions to move around.

▼ explained next, the first "Speed" and the third "Patrol" button, "Speed" is used to control the traveling speed, 1X, 2X, 4X four moving speed, and "Patrol" automatic patrol mechanism, automatic been running round in circles, seems to accumulate mileage hatch.

Follow the latest version has become more powerful, adding a variety of functions, can be directly through the lower right corner to move left and right joystick back and forth, you do not have to rely Tap To Walk controlled (right) will appear near the left side even elves, left corner there is a white point can be used to control whether the menu to appear.

For now, this tool will also have benefits easily flash back problems, follow the author would continue in the updated version, so that the tool is more stable, and finally this tool can be used with LocationFaker used together.

Installation source

Step 1. ▼ Cydia Search "Pokemongo" find "PokemonGoAnywhere", click "Install" and install it up, if no Tweak, please refer to this .


Step 2. Click on "OK", the installation is completed and then point under the "Restart SpringBoard."

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