Hide or display pictures of contacts in the message app for iOS

 The messaging application iOS default shows photos of the contacts next to each message thread, but if you prefer that these images are not displayed next to the iMessage chats, now you can disable the thumbnails on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This makes the chat application possesses a "clean" screen, removing any picture from the list of messages that may be suitable for situations where you want to add some privacy to your iMessage chats.

Hide or display pictures of contacts in the message app for iOS

This applies to all iOS devices, but this is probably more useful for users who have an iPhone. You will be able to hide (or show) photos contact iMessages. This requires iOS 9 or later on the device.

  •     Salt iOS messaging app, if you have not done yet.
  •     Open the application settings and go to "Messages".
  •     Locate the switch to "Show contact photos" and put it in the off position. 

  •     Back messages application, now the list of messages should not show contact photos. 

Of course, if you want to enable and view photos contact, simply reverses the instructions back to the configuration screen and sliding switch "show photos contact" to the on position.

If you turn off the feature to show contact photos in the messages application, you can also hide contact photos from "Favorites" on your iPhone, so that when you're calling numbers or browsing the phone application, do not be a lot photos or images on the screen.

This is really a matter of personal preference and not add or subtract any particular functionality. 
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