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Thursday, 25 August 2016

How Eyelashes Safari on iPhone

Safari tabs allow you to keep a lot of pages on the iPhone in a single instance of the browser, where you can browse through them when you need to review the various sites and content. For users who find it overwhelming to open a bunch of tabs in Safari on iOS, you have basically three options to close and not take many resources of the device.

There are three ways to close tabs Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch, and you present them in this brief tutorial. This applies also alPad, but the Safari app for iPad has a slightly different interface, so this tutorial will focus for the iPhone.

How Eyelashes Safari on the iPhone:

Pressing the tabs on the iPhone

First you need to access tabs. The small logo superimposed square that is located at the corner of Safari is the tab button, pressing it lightly, you will have access to all tabs of Safari browser.

Eyelashes Safari on your iPhone with the "X"

Once you're on the view tab, you can close any tab in Safari by clicking on the small small (X) located to the left of the tab.

Close the tabs in Safari on the iPhone with a slip

Another method for closing tabs in Safari for the iPhone, is through a gesture that is simply swiping left on the tab until you move off the screen and disappear completely.

Close tabs can be useful if you're trying to free up space on Safari (plus resources), but applies also to solve problems when it crashes Safari on the iPhone, especially if a site is causing the problem.

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