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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How Privatizing your iPhone Concealing more posts

It is possible, for whatever reason, you want to get more privacy in your iPhone. One way is hiding the messages, and avoid that other people can read them, something that is very simple thanks as you can see below.

Privacy is a major concern for a number of users worldwide. Although many of the messaging apps available for iPhone promise better data storage privacy issues remain a main topic.

If you noticed, every time someone sends you a text message appears in a pop - up screen lock with the first words that are part of it. It's not much, but on occasion it may reveal private information without you noticing.

Hide your messages so no one can read

As if that were not enough, the latest versions of IOS have a quick response feature that lets you reply to the message from the lock screen without having to put any code or anything like that . If you want to increase the privacy of your iPhone's how to hide messages.

One way to hide messages is to disable the preview on the lock screen, so that they continue to receive notification but the message itself will remain hidden. To do this you have to go to Settings - Notifications - Messages and then turn off the "Show previews".

If the above method does not provide sufficient protection you what you can do is completely disable notification messages. To do this you must go to Settings - Notifications - Messages and disable them from appearing on the lock screen.

This prevents anyone from seeing your posts with the screen locked, but once you have access to the iPhone can see them with no problem accessing the app messages. If you have the Jailbreak done can give it a new twist to privacy using the tweak HiddenConvos.

With HiddenConvos you can easily hide any conversation very quickly. Just install the tweak on your device, swipe to the left on the conversation you want to hide messages in the app and click on the new "Hide" option that will appear next to "Delete".

Finally, to redisplay the conversation you must click on the "Edit" button in the conversation list. There should be another button called "Show all" in the upper right corner, click on it and any hidden conversation back to the list again.

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