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Friday, 5 August 2016

How to change the ringtone on an iPhone ?

Change the ringtone on an iPhone. Something as basic in a cell with other operating systems, iOS has limitations. Do not miss this simple tutorial in a few minutes you can put your favorite song as ringtone without Jailbreak or foreign profiles.

One of the big problems that exist in iOS, has to do with your little customizability. This reason makes many users end up doing the bitten apple Jailbreak for purely visual reasons. They do not care at all exploit features that Apple may not profit enough (such as Touch ID) but just want to see your iPhone with a personal touch.

Today I'll show in just three minutes, as you prune change the ringtone on your iPhone for the song that you like. Without Jailbreak, without additional software (iTunes only) without installing strange profiles. In short: No complications.

The only requirements to follow this simple tutorial is a computer with iTunes, song or sound in question to put ringtone and five free minutes with the iPhone plugged in via USB.
¿Jailbreak? No thanks.

The good thing about this trick is that it does not require Jailbreak,   so iOS purists will enjoy a personalized and interesting tone call on a device where deficiencies are customizing the view. In addition, as I was saying above, you should not install profiles of any kind, either change the date of the device, or force your iPhone to strange behavior. They simply need to have iTunes on your computer.

Have an iPhone
A computer with iTunes
A song chosen

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