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Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to change the way contacts are displayed in Mac OS

The contacts application for Mac default classifies them, showing the name before the name when browsing the list of the address book. With some minor adjustments, you can change the way how the application displays contact names and ranks Address Book in Mac OS. You can also change how to display the names without changing the order of the contacts, which may be the most useful configuration option for some of us.

How to change the way contacts are displayed in Mac OS

  • Open the "Contacts" application on your Mac and move the contacts menu and select "Preferences"
  • Under the 'General' tab, look for the following:

- Display Name - name before, after the surname (Before last name, Following last name).
- Sort by: Name, first name.

  • Choose what to display and sorting method you prefer for the changes to take effect immediately.

The effect of changing the way how the contacts, basically acting on the order in which the name in the contact list is displayed. Navigation through the contacts application, or after searching a contact, options can be seen as follows:

Or this option:

Some find that show the surname first promotes easy navigation, as it resembles a directory or address book and can be particularly useful in some societies and cultures where the names are similar.

You can also make similar changes in how the Contacts application for Mac displays and order book in the Contacts application of iOS, so if you want your contacts are shown with surname first followed by the names or vice versa, you can do the same type of settings on your iPhone.

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