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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to charge the battery of an iPhone with plastic bottles and more

This week we saw circulate photographs and videos that appear to show genuine iPhone models 7 among other things, but what you see then is unmatched. A boy, had the idea to create from plastic bottles, the help of a waterfall and some imagination a charger for the iPhone.

There are few things (in the world of connectivity) worse than having the iPhone battery completely exhausted in the middle of nowhere, but for the genius of science Thomas Kim, this does not represent any obstacle.

The creator of video content up regularly on your Youtube channel, simply referred to as "Thomas Kim". In the same shows that science can be done with any current item you can find.

In one of the last in their projects, Kim through his Youtube channel where converts everyday trash into useful creations, harnesses the power of a small waterfall to rotate a lot of plastic bottles that make up a wheel, generate enough hydropower to recharge your iPhone.

MacGyver 2.0 shows in your video more than two minutes, to a home hydroelectric generator powered by a small waterfall and which in turn is connected to a Lightning cable that gives charge to the iPhone.

Despite the rustic that the project is (although very elaborate), creation seems to fulfill its mission and not only that, Kim, to clear any doubt, gives energy through the generator to a bank of LEDs. In addition, there is measure the voltage output of hydroelectric plant home with a digital multimeter.

Now you know what to do when you run out of charge on your smartphone, you just have to find a waterfall, have a few plastic bottles and other electronic elements other than spoil a Lightning cable. 

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