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Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to clean the keys on a MacBook using Keyboard Cleaner

Cleaning the keyboard on a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is a necessary task that should be done occasionally, but it can also be more difficult than expected.

The moment you start to clean your Mac keyboard, press the keys is inevitable and as a result, things are written, accessed applications, messages are sent incorrect code is written, among other possible mishaps. Of course, with a Mac desktop, you can simply disconnect the keyboard, but that is not possible in any portable MacBook line. You can not put the Mac suspended because after a key is pressed "wake up" and do not want to turn it off because apart from being uncomfortable, probably want to clean the power key.

This is a small application that has been long called cleaner keyboard (Keyboard Cleaner) and locks the keyboard Mac, rejecting all inputs (other than the command exit) so you can press as many keys as necessary to wipe and clean the keyboard without problems.

Cleaning the keys on a MacBook by blocking them with Keyboard Cleaner

Technically this application works on any Mac keyboard, but we are focusing on the line of MacBook and MacBook Pro because it simply can not disconnect the keyboard for cleaning.

Keyboard Cleaner download the application from here , unzip the file, then right - click and choose "Open."

When you display a snapshot in black with the words "Happy Cleaning", you can proceed to clean the keyboard of the MacBook.

  • Now moisten a cotton cloth or rag and clean the keyboard slightly.
  • When you finish cleaning your laptop keyboard, press Command + Q keys to quit the application keyboard cleaner.
And ready, that's all, you can now enjoy your keyboard without major problems.

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