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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How to convert Word documents to PDF on Mac with and without Office

Surely you've ever needed to save or convert Microsoft Word Doc file or DOCX to PDF format from a Mac. The advantages of saving a Word document as PDF are remarkable because the PDF file can be viewed from any operating system with a PDF reader.

There are several methods of saving a Word document in PDF format and to convert a DOC / DOCX file to PDF, which use the Microsoft Office Word application on Mac to do the job.

These tricks are applied to all modern versions of Word for Mac, including Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016.

Saving a document DOC / DOCX as PDF in Word for Mac

  •     Open the document you want to save as PDF in Word
  •     Displays the "File" menu and select "Save As" (or click the small disk icon in the title bar)
  •     Search 'Format' and choose "PDF"
  •     Give the document a name (and be sure to include the file extension .pdf) and choose "Save" 

You can also convert a Word DOC PDF format from the "Share" menu and choose "Send PDF" which allow you to send the Word document as a PDF file via email.

How to Convert a DOC file to PDF in Office for Mac

Another option is to convert an existing Word document to PDF using the export feature:

  •     Open the document you want to convert to PDF with Microsoft Word
  •     Go to 'File' menu and select "Export"
  •     Select "PDF" in the selection of file format
  •     Choose to export the file as PDF 

How to convert Word to PDF without Office?

If you have a Mac with Microsoft Office but you need to convert a DOC or DOCX file in PDF format, you must use an indirect method to perform the task. This is not too difficult, however, is just a matter of following a few simple steps:

First, open the DOC / DOCX file with TextEdit Mac
Then go to File -> Print and select "Save as PDF" button to print the PDF file.

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