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Friday, 19 August 2016

How to disable two-factor authentication in the Apple ID

Some users may benefit from enabling the two - factor authentication with your Apple ID to protect and secure their devices and data, but sometimes think that two - factor authentication is too much and becomes a nuisance, so they want to disable the function.

If you turn off two - factor authentication your account, you'll never rely solely on the appropriate entry of a password and answer the security questions to regain access to your Apple ID, eliminating the need for an authorized device near to receive a security code to authenticate.

How to disable two-factor authentication in the Apple ID:

  • Open any browser on any computer and go to
  • Log in with the Apple ID you want to disable two-step authentication, you may need to use two factor authentication to access the account
  • Go to the "Security" section of the account settings and select "Edit"
  • Look for the section "Two-factor authentication" which says that the feature is on and click the link to "Turn off two-factor authentication"

  • Creates new questions to assign to the Apple ID used to replace these codes two-factor authentication
  • When you're done disable two-factor authentication, you can log on the website management Apple ID.

Once the two - factor authentication is disabled, you can log in with the Apple ID from anywhere, whether on the web, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, anywhere, with only one password, no longer need to two-factor authentication via a code sent to a trusted device.

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