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Monday, 22 August 2016

How to Hide your image during a FaceTime call

When you make a call from FaceTime on the screen of your device not only see the image of the person with whom you speak, you also see your image. This can be useful to see what you're showing your partner, but some people prefer not to distract hide.

Apple has not added any option to disable the view of your own FaceTime camera, but there is a little trick to get it . So if you are someone who prefers not to be seen when in a conversation FaceTime invite you to keep reading.

FaceTime hides your image in the blink of an eye

First of all I must say that this trick used to hide your image on a call FaceTime made ​​from a Mac computer. As we said earlier, the application does not have a specific function for this, so you have to use a third party application .

This is the HideMyFaceTime application, a new application for Mac that lets you stop seeing yourself during a FaceTime call. With this app box where your image appears turns black, you can avoid being distracted and focus on your partner.

You can download HideMyFaceTime directly from the official website where you can also try a demo of the app. You will see that use it is very simple and once you open this application the image of your FaceTime will become a black image.

In principle , the application should not give problems, but if you can not open it from CydiaGeeks comment that you just have to go to System Preferences - Security and privacy - Accessibility - Privacy and allow access to HideMyFaceTime. As simple as that!

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