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Monday, 22 August 2016

How to jump between categories search result Spotlight in Mac OS X

Mac Spotlight search through many different types of files and folders to find what you want, but if Spotlight finds multiple matches in different categories, you will see the results returned in each respective category list.

While many Mac users use the cursor to click on the result they want, some more advanced users use the arrow keys to navigate within the Spotlight search results. The advice we give below will allow you to navigate quickly through Spotlight search results lists jumping to different categories in the output window.

This trick to move quickly between sections of Spotlight results is quite simple and we'll show you how.

When a search result screen Spotlight display multiple categories, hold down the Command key while using the up and / or down to jump instantly to the next category search results.

For example, if you are on the top list in the first search:

Hold down the Command key and pressing the down arrow a few times, the selection will jump by multiple categories instead of having to navigate or select individual results.

Practice this by looking for anything that has several search results.

This works with any result in the Spotlight menu, simply hold down the Command key together with the arrow keys up and / or down to jump category wider through search results Spotlight manner.

This is the trick that will serve to jump between categories Spotlight search results on Mac OS X, quickly and easily.

Do you know any other keyboard shortcut ?, Well, we invite you to the currents in the comments section.

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