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Friday, 19 August 2016

How to play your PS4 from an iPhone or iPad

If you are in possession of a PS4 will surely sound 'Remote Play', a feature that lets you play console remotely from a PS Vita, a computer and even an Android device.

Well, just it released an application called Playcast App Store that lets you use this function on an iPhone or iPad, so if you were expecting, and you can play your PS4 from an iOS device.

  • It operates at 720p resolution and 60fps.
  • It allows use touch controls that appear on the screen or MFi command.
  • Lag virtually nonexistent.
  • Play your PS4 from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Ability to customize the touch controls displayed on the screen.
  • You only need to configure the application once.

As for its operation, we simply have to access the application and register the console by entering our username on PSN, so we have it running in a matter of seconds.

Yes, for the invention to work, it is necessary that the PS4 in question has the firmware 3.55 installed, so that would otherwise be necessary to update your console.

Playcast is available for € 9.99 and is universal.

 Playcast - Remote Play for PS4 (AppStore Link) Playcast - Remote Play for PS4 
Developer: Bitwise Solutions Limited 

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