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Monday, 29 August 2016

How to prevent WhatsApp send our data to Facebook

A few days ago we saw how a policy change in WhatsApp empowered sending our personal data to Facebook, something that obviously has not sat well among its users.

Well, fortunately, it is possible to prevent WhatsApp share our information, among other things getting our phone number will not be shared.

Method if still not been accepted policy change

How well you know, when you open WhatsApp receive a notice from the company indicating the policy change, may accept or decide later.

If by chance you have not accepted the notification, prevent WhatsApp share our data is as simple as clicking the "^" symbol, uncheck the text will be marked and click "OK".

Method if already accepted policy change

Conversely, if you have already accepted the policy change, we must access the option "Sharing my account information" that appear within the application settings.

Once there, and as in the previous method, so only you need to uncheck the switch will be marked so that our personal data remain safe.

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