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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to use WhatsApp on a Mac

 Now you can use WhatsApp on a Mac without any complications. WhatsApp is a very popular multi - platform client messaging is available for iOS and Android, but now can also be easily used on a Mac or Windows PC.

WhatsApp client for Mac is highly recommended as it is easy to use. For starters, you need a WhatsApp account and an iPhone or Android device with instant messaging application installed. It is clear that there is no need to use a third - party emulation software or WhatsApp web client because the messaging application for Mac or Windows is really native.

How to install and use WhatsApp on a Mac

  •     Make sure you have an account WhatsApp, these are usually linked to a phone number of an iPhone or Android.
  •     Download the application for OS X (or Windows).
  •     Starts the messaging client on your computer, the screen will charge a QR code. 

  •     With your iPhone or Android phone, open the mobile client WhatsApp.
  •     Once you open the app, go to "Settings" and then select "WhatsApp Web" and scans the QR code on the screen of your Mac or Windows PC. 

    After waiting a bit, the messaging application for desktop recover your contacts and conversations and can use WhatsApp on your computer.

That's all you have to do. As you can see it is quite easy to set up and use. Any active chat appear in the application and you can access as usual.

If for any reason you have problems WhatsApp for Mac or Windows, you can use the Web client on a computer.

Beyond this tutorial is intended for use WhatsApp on Mac, the installation process is basically identical to using the application on a PC with Windows, which should be useful for users who frequently interact with different operating systems. 

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