In Japan the first death was recorded due to the Pokemon games Go

In Japan, a man playing Pokemon Go, sitting behind the wheel of a car, he shot down two pedestrians. One of them died at the scene.

Published July Pokemon game for smartphones Go has become a phenomenon in the hunt for a pokémon went out tens of millions of people. The media and before the disclosure of information about what невнимательные virtual monsters fishermen fall into situations that give in injuries, but now Japan's first case of death was recorded due to a Pokemon Go.

The tragic incident occurred in the city of Tokushima, where 39-year-old farmer Кэйдзи Gow, playing Pokemon Go, shot down two pedestrians. One of them died as a result of injuries received, the second survived, but badly injured. Initially, the driver said that only time I tried a smartphone, but later admitted he played for Pokemon Go and did not notice pedestrians. Gow was arrested at the scene of road accident.

In the game developer company Niantic have promised to take the necessary steps after the conclusion of an investigation of the incident.

"We express our condolences to the family and acquaintances of the victim. We expect more details of what happened. We're going to take all measures necessary for the conclusion of the investigation, "he said in Niantic.
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