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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Instagram Stories, the New Role of Social Network Is Now Available

Instagram just surprised its users with a new update to version 9.0.1 from here and anticipate that will bring much controversy. The main novelty of this version is the introduction of Instagram Stories feature, as you can see below is very similar to Snapchat appearance.

Have Instagram blatantly copied the concept of Snapchat? From time to here the Snapchat app has been gaining followers and Instagram guys seems to have not liked much. And possibly Stories Instagram is an attempt to get users to maintain and attract new ones to the social network.

Given the possible leak Snapchat users, without thinking twice have launched Instagram Stories. Here we have more information on this new feature and how it works.

So Stories Instagram, the new function to share moments

First of all, I must say that Instagram can continue to publish photos and videos that will stay in your profile. As you share photos and videos, those moments appear together creating your own story, but now we must add Instagram Stories.

With the new feature you can share all the videos and photos you want, add text, doodling with the drawing tool ... These moments are only available for a limited time, specifically for 24 hours, as happens with publications Snapchat, which they are temporary.

In addition, I must say that once disappear not be displayed in the grid profile or the news section. The stories of people you follow will appear at the top of the news section, you can go backward or forward, even if you want you can jump to the story of another person.

One of the differences of these publications over traditional is that they have a button "Like" and you can not make public comments. But do not worry, because Instagram Stories can comment on any story through a direct message privately.

We must emphasize one thing, and that is that the stories have the same privacy settings for your account and you can hide the whole story to people who do not want to see, even if they're following you. Also, if you swipe up on your history you can see who has seen each of the videos and photos of your story.

Stories Instagram has begun deployment of a gradual process, but it is expected that in just a few weeks is now available to users around the world.

Do you think that Instagram has shamelessly copied to Snapchat? What do you think Instagram Stories? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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