Intel's ARM-based chips in 2018 -


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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Intel's ARM-based chips in 2018

Intel may select a new chip to replace the chip for use in TSMC. 2018 According to a report from Nikkei Intel announced that it has licensed the production of new chips from ARM and Intel as chip supplier for Apple's Mac product key for a long time.

Intel's ARM-based chips

Recently it was announced that Intel has licensed technology from ARM (chip processors) to produce chips, "Intel's ARM-based chips" to help Intel get into the business Smartphone market even more by LG also reported the same. the company is the first to bring Intel chips used under the terms of the ARM.

TSMC can benefit from partnering with ARM over the past year. However, the relationship with Intel may be changed from time to analysis by Samuel Wang.

"TSMC may be faced with a difficult situation in the increasingly competitive in the years 2018 - 2019, because Apple may have ordered more chips from Intel and Intel are starting to Apple, more than ever. The objective is to win the first two segments of TSMC "- Samuel Wang said in an interview with the Nikkei.

Apple and Intel

In the past doing business, Intel is not going well because they can not handle the priorities and their products has made the PC, Server, processing chip for himself, but as of now, Intel has a clear and visible. the channel that will push your Product any success is processor chip itself.

Apple has relied on Intel chips used in products. Mac and expect it to have a test chip from ARM as an alternative to more product groups Smartphone and Tablet.

Although TSMC's main chip supplier for Apple's iPhone, including chips, A10 and A11 will produce chips for the iPhone 7, but in the future who knows what Apple might use the new chip. With new producers To improve the efficiency and productivity of their Phand more prominent. And higher than its competitors, it is not.

Thanks - iClarified , 9to5mac

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