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Thursday, 11 August 2016

iOS 10 Beta 5 Features

Yesterday was released the fifth beta of IOS 10 and as usual, developers have to work and have found some of the developments that have been included.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that Apple has also released the fourth public beta of iOS 10 so that virtually everyone can try the new operating system that are preparing Cupertino.

List of news

  • The first thing that most developers agree is that it has been improved battery consumption and overall system performance, which seems to be quite superior to iOS in September.
  • The block noise that has accompanied us since the first version of iOS has changed, and according to reports, now is quite similar to when a door is closed.
  • Another change that we are in the fifth beta of iOS 10e is that the sound output icon are no longer a headset, but a triangle with a over waves reminiscent AirPlay icon.
  • Now the day and date are displayed in the widgets section by sliding the lock screen to the right.
  • Another change that may not appeal to everyone is that the recognition of faces in photos has been reset, so you must start from scratch.
  • Gone Home section in the iPhone settings, but is still present in the iPad.
  • iMessage displays a small box indicating all the innovations that have been added, how emoji giants.

List of bug fixes

  • Fixed an error related to the Smart Battery Case iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.
  • Fixed viewing photos with zoom in iMessage.
  • You can now perform initial configuration with Apple TV 4 Tap to Setup smoothly.
  • Now third-party applications are able to play music even if the native Music app has been removed.
  • Fixed some connection problems with the Apple Watch.
  • The hands-free calls appears not enabled by default.

In short, it seems that gradually takes shape iOS 10, so presumably the next betas will focus solely on solving all the problems that go reporting developers.

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